A robust and versitile authoring platform, ViewletBuilder allows a seemingly ulimited array of options in e-learning course development.

Our curriculum includes:

Presentation Design Basics

Viewletbuilder logo

  • Complete overview of the Timeline 
  • Additional elements and function

ViewletBuilder Development Overview

  • How to create a basic viewlet
  • How to add content
  • How to preview and export
  • Advanced viewlet design techniques
    • Advanced coding and design
    • Advanced interaction with elements
    • Advanced Quiz and student tracking

CSS Basics

  • Different CSS rules and how to modify styles
  • Use of css and styles in ViewletBuilder
  • CSS elements and attributes
  • How to create new CSS elements

CSS Intermediate

  • How to create new master styles

CSS Advanced

  • How to modify master styles and create new CSS elements
  • How to apply these master styles to elements in your Viewlet

Quizzes and interaction Advanced

  • How to manufacture interactive features
  • How to create and track quizzes with ViewletBuilder
  • Integration with Learning Mangement Systems

Our ViewletBuilder course offers everything you need to know about - Development, Features and Interactive Elements / Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Integration using Master Styles / Export and Web Object Integration