Our Beginning Joomla classes give you a comprehesive overview of Joomla's basic functions, including how to manage your content, and how to set up and structure your website's menus.  If you want more control over your website and learn the foundations of content management then Beginning Joomla is perfect for you. 

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 Intermediate Joomla Training is designed for you to take the organization and management of your website's content to the next level.  Once you know the basics this training will teach higher levels of Joomla's functionality including: how to configure & manage modules, components, and plug-ins.  Our Intermediate Joomla Training gives you the knowledge and tools you need to be in complete control of the content of your website.


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Advanced Joomla Training is your choice if you are focused on the design and coding of your website, and/or eager to master all aspects of Joomla's robust features and functionality. Here we break up Template Design and CSS Coding into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sections to give you flexibility for your particular learning needs.

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