SCORM E-learning software


JoomlaLMS is a professional level, e-learning and knowledge management system, designed by instuctors to organize and present educational and other reference materials of almost any format.


This is a very powerful distance learning and information management tool combining innovative educational and testing options with the latest conference communication applications.  With all of these features and tools, JoomlaLMS is on the cutting edge of e-learning and knowledge management software.

JoomlaLMS includes the following tools and features:

  • multilingual course interface support
  • depository for all kinds of files
  • SCORM 1.2., SCORM 2004 compatibility
  • different access levels (student, teacher, CEO, etc.)
  • collaborative work tools (file exchange, forum, chat and web conference)
  • group conference facility
  • course graduate certificates
  • test and survey pools creation (for each course)
  • administration and management
  • learning stages planning
  • homework tracking
  • course creation, copy, import, export
  • register of attendance maintenance
  • total backup and storing
  • easy-to-configure and editing web interface
  • LDAP for external database connection

Together with JoomlaLMS, you receive one of the most powerful and widely used open source Content Management Systems available today in Joomla.

Our interactive Learning Management System is a fully integrated extension, taking full advantage of Joomla's powerful feature set and easy to use website administration interface.

Joomla and JoomlaLMS are the perfect match when creating e-learning and knowledge management systems for websites and portals.

Aerowebworks is an official reseller and partner of JoomlaLMS.  We specialize in corporate knowledge management and educational institution applications.

Contact Aerowebworks to set up your own custom JoomlaLMS.