Our Beginning Joomla classes give you a comprehesive overview of Joomla's basic functions, including how to manage your content, and how to set up and structure your website's menus.  If you want more control over your website and learn the foundations of content management then Beginning Joomla is perfect for you. 

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Our beginning classes cover the following curriculum:


  • Quick overview of a Joomla website
  • Quick overview of the Joomla administration area
  • Joomla basics
    • History
    • Terminology
    • Standard features
    • Joomla updates and future versions
    • Global configuration
    • Media manager
    • Trash manager
    • User manager


  • Content basics
    • Publishing
    • Order
    • Access
  • How to structure Joomla content
  • How to set up and manage sections
  • How to set up and manage categories
  • How to set up and manage content items
    • General
    • The editor
    • Publishing
    • Images
    • Media
    • Parameters
    • Meta Info
    • Link to Menu
  • How to set up a basic menu item to display your content
  • How to use the frontpage manager for your homepage


  • Menu basics
    • How menus work
    • Menu manager
    • Menu item types
    • Publishing
    • Order
    • Access
  • How to create a menu and menu module
  • How to create and manage menu items
    • How to move menu items
    • Parameters
  • How to control menu modules
    • mod_mainmenu